2 questions: Do they use nest boxes to keep them warm? and do I have enough nest boxes?

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    2 questions:

    I was told that they will double up in a larger nest box to stay warm at night. Is that true? If so, I guess only some of our hens would be lucky to be in the boxes? Or is that just a myth?

    I'm building a double nest box, so it will be two boxes side by side. They will be bigger boxes, about a foot deep, foot high but 16" wide (for each individual box). Does that sound good for 9 full size hens?
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    Usually they prefer to roost in the highest place they can, which should be the roost. They really don't need help to keep warm except maybe in severe climates. Sometimes they will sleep in nest boxes if allowed, but I don't think warmth has much to do with it. And yes, that's definitely enough nests. Rule of thumb is one per four chickens, but they don't usually use that may; they will likely pick a favorite.

    It would help if you would put a general location in your postbit; it affects many questions, such as this one. Just go to your profile, then edit community profile.
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    Generally Nest boxes are for laying eggs and Roost bars are for sleeping. If they sleep in the boxes the you will have issues with dirty eggs from there nightly relief of the days feed. Make your roost bars from a 2x4 layed with the 4 side up, so that they have the widest part of the board to stand on.. Also keep the roost higher than the nest boxes.

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