2 Roo's - 2 Problems? Poo picture!

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    First, I'll start with my 75-day old Polish Roo, Marley. He was 72 days old in these pic's. I'm wondering if this is 'normal' for his crest to look like this during adolescence? He was pecked slightly one day & I applied some Bacitracin & kept him separate for a night. I put him back in with the girls the next day & used a red light in their coop for 2 nights. I haven't seen any further evidence of pecking, however he has what appears to be new growth trying to come in...I'm not sure if it's that or if they're pulling out his feathers?

    Now for my other roo - Jake. He's new-to-me (quarantined for at least the next 30-45 days), 1-year old, believed to be an Orpington - maybe a Orp mix...? We found mites on him - DE food grade on the way. My 1st question is regarding his crown. Yesterday (the day we brought him home), there was maybe 1 or 2 small 'scabs' on his crown. Today there are several more. Is this from the mites or maybe from his old flock of pens pecking?

    Here is a pic of his legs/toes - he has what appears to maybe be some red irritation between his toes - hoping you can see it well enough in this pic. I don't know enough about roo's to know if this is just his coloring or actual irritation - maybe from the mites?

    Last, but not least, here's a shot of Jake's poo...it looks normal to me...but my oldest chick's are only 75 days old. LOL!

    My final question - also regarding Jake - why is his comb the way it is? Is this a rosecomb...or have the spikes been pecked off?

    Thanks for being patient with my newbie chicken knowledge!

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    Could be fowl pox. PM threehorses, she can help you.
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    It looks like he was dubbed or frostbite got him. The black spots are likely from being pecked. The polish looks healthy, just will have a funny look with his crest until he moults. The bird with mites needs to remain in quarentine until you get the mites handled, then sanitize the quarentine coop and run with DE.
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