2 Roos and a Cockrell walk into a bar...


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Apr 19, 2019
Bishop Hill, Illinois
Alrighty, not a joke, but it feels like it should be!

I have 2 Roos, a grey Silky, and a Japanese White Black Tailed banty. My cockerel is an EE, beautiful fella but unintended. He was supposed to be a pullet, you know how that goes.

The Silkie attacks the banty without notice. They've been taking turns in the time out pen to protect the little guy.

Suddenly, the banty had a bloodied comb: could have been for any reason. It was time to switch them again anyway.

Yesterday, the EE goes after the Silkie. Poor fuzzball LEAPS into my daughter's arms for salvation! He's not being hurt, but he IS being terrorized by the cockerel. When I opened the coop this morning, he was hiding under the ladder.

I had already decided to rehome the silkie: what would you do? Rehome the EE as well? Let flock politics play themselves out?

I'd start a bachelor flock but with winter closing in and resources being scarce, it's not a good time. Our state just went into lockdown this morning.

Giving up the banty isn't an option: he was here first.

Thanks for your advice!
Update: the Silkie is inside, after having his neck feathers plucked out in the few minutes after I went back in. Time to rehome them both.

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Keep the one you want. Always let the ones you don't like go, no questions or guilt allowed.

Often times, especially in smaller set ups, multiple roosters do not work, and wind up ruining the enjoyment of chickens. Let two of the roosters go, and enjoy your birds.

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