2 ROOS in the same pen

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9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Hudson Florida
This is the strangest thing ever, at least to me.

I have my first roo, (named Rooster) who has been with us for over a year and a half. He has done an excellent job of taking care of his ladies and doing what roo's do. About 6 months ago I bought 5 more hens. One of them turned out to be a BR Roo. (his name is Spot) By the time we realized she was a he, it was too late. He was so friendly and beautiful.

Anyway, I always sit and watch my girls. I find it calming. I am sitting there yesterday watching Spot mounting one of the hens. The hen makes all this noise, which sends Rooster running over. All he does is stand there and watch! Later, Rooster is mounting a hen and Spot runs over and mounts the same hen even before Rooster is done with her! There was no fighting between roos, never has been. The girls prefer Rooster because he's gentler. Spot hangs on to their combs to do his business and often hurts the girls. When Rooster wants to mate, the girls will squat down for him. But Spot has to do the sneak attack.

I just thought it was strange that 2 roosters can live in the same pen, share the same hens and never fight. Rooster crows loud and proud but I have never heard Spot crow. He's old enough. I'm thinking that as long as Spot doesn't crow, Rooster will accept him.

What do you all think and is this normal?
Sounds like they've worked it out between themselves. That's great!

I have a Buckeye rooster, and a Lavender Orpington rooster (young cockerels), and they're in the same hen house, with appx 9 hens. I'm hoping they'll have the same relationship.......so far so good!
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Pecking order...I suppose the boys know their place. Rooster #1, Spot #2, and they are currently happy with their status. No arguments needed!
I had a few thoughts, most of them politically incorrect, so I won't post them, ha ha. But that doesn't sound very calm and relaxing to watch to me..I too have 2 roosters but they don't do that, however, I am thinking of which one will be on the table soon, since they worry the hens more than I'd care for...ever since I began to watch and try to decide which one, they have been very leary of me...odd huh, like they can read my mind...one wrong move and curtains for one of you...I think it would be a bit more peaceful with one of them gone...and then, who knows? Maybe the egg laying will go better too.
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