2 turn setting?


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Dec 7, 2011
so I was told by a breeder that he only turns his eggs twice a day. So this set I decided to give it a whirl. The results were terrible. I have been setting egg from the same hens & roo for a while now but out of the 25 eggs I set only 6 appear to have chicks in! the rest started to develop but died about a week into incubation. I cant rule out power failure as my mum was turning the eggs while we were on vacation but Im baffeled as I normally get 75-90% hatch rate! anyone out there that does 2 turn incubation could that be the cause? any ideas? I usaually hatch 50-100 a month and have never had this happen before.
I know not the perfect time to test. We decided to try it this time because my husband told me he booked the vacation 2 days after I had already set the eggs. Mum said she would come over to turn them twice a day but not the 3 I usually do. Based on your success perhaps there may have been a power outage. Our area is shocking for them I put the generator to good use.
My money is on a power outage too. One of my 'bators comes with instructions saying to turn them twice a day. I usually do more but I've found 2 or 3 times a day doesn't make a difference.
my bators all said 3 times a day so thats what I have always done. My grandma has been breeding chooks her entire life (she is 80 now) and said I should turn 3 times a day because thats what she was told to do. Now that Im home and can monitor will give it another whirl with a dozen eggs and see what happens.

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