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    Jul 3, 2009
    Do small hens lay small eggs? I have 5 EEs. One is smaller than the others. Will she lay smaller eggs?

    My 8 week old rooster is always pecking at me. clothes, rings, freckles etc. They all do it, but it makes me nervous when he does because I wonder if he will grow up to flog us. Is this normal or bad behavior for an 8 week old. When is a rooster an adolescent? When does he become an adult?

    Thanks !

  2. Small hens generally lay smaller eggs. All chickens peck at shiny things. I am surprised it is just your roo. I don't think it is necessarily a sign that he will be mean. While he's young, try to tame him by offering treats from your hands. Also, try to eliminate the things he can peck at so the habit isn't reinforced.

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    Also, try to remember that animals sense fear and insecurity - nothing charges up a bully like someone feeling fearful around it.

    Being new to chickens, I never even CONSIDERED being flogged by a rooster, or attacked by one. I mean, I just hadn't heard of such things, not hanging around with other chicken folk before I started this chicken keeping thing.

    My EE rooster did sneak up on me a few weeks ago and peck the back of my ankles, but it wasn't hard. I just turned and walked toward him, not threatening, just as if he wasn't there. He had to back up or step aside; when he stepped to one side, I turned that way, and I just walked behind him for a minute or two.

    I would never chase him (at a run) because that's threatening.

    All my chickens are tempted to peck at freckles, toes through the holes in the tops of my Crocs, earrings, even the tattoos on my ankles. It's chicken curiosity. Don't fear your rooster because he MIGHT do something. He might very well not!
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    Jul 3, 2009
    Yes, they all peck. He just seems a little more aggressive about it. Probably because I watch him more. I was told to NOT hand feed him as you want him to think you are top rooster. He should only eat last. Also tap him on the head if he misbehaves. I didn't hold him at all as a baby either because I didn't think you were supposed to. I'm starting to think this is mean. And I don't think it makes him like me more.

    We have another pullet (one of my favorites) that turned out to be a roo. At least she crowed. I held her all the time and still do. I think I'll start being nicer to big mr. rooster though. If something was wrong I don't think I could catch him if I tried. Hope it's not too late.

    From what age in weeks to what age in weeks are they usually considered adolescents??

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