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    Hello and happy spring!

    this is my first post so forgive my onslought of questions, I did try to look up the answers but nothing quite nailed it.

    Okay so first, I have 4, 2 week pekin ducks who all seem happy and healthy except i just noticed the biggest one has has no down on his neck under his beak. Here is a photo:


    any ideas what it could be from? i dont see any ducks peking it and it seems to be getting gradually worse. i did make up a batch of homemade electolites so hopefully that helps.

    2nd what is a good duck book?

    we have them on duck starter feed from tsc and it says complete but i did motice others mention adding brewers yeast, what is that and should i add it?

    one more thing, if i want to change their diet to organic should i do it gradually? any recommended feed for the next phase, grower i think it would be called.

    thanks for your help this is my first go and im getting chickens in june (so i could plan) but my boyfriend suprised me with these four babies and although im thrilled i havent been able to do a whole lot of reading yet.

    - Jamie T
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    Hello & welcome to BYC!! Congrats on your ducklings!

    Most important...adding brewers yeast (not activated or bread yeast) is VERY important for proper physical and neurological development. One tablespoon per cup of food. I get mine from Amazon.

    The lack of down is not an issue. It could just be how the ducklings are cuddling up together. They'll start getting their feathers at about 5 weeks of age & will be fully feathered by about 10 weeks.

    The best book out there is "Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks" by Dave Holderread. Here are the dietary stages from that book...

    For the first 2 weeks, ducklings should get a food that contains 18-20% protein.
    From weeks 3 through 8, food should contain 15-16% protein.
    Weeks 9 - 20, food should contain 13-14% protein.
    Laying stage food given should have at least 15% protein.
    Maintenance food can be anywhere between 13 & 16% protein.

    Again, though, the most important thing is that they need a good source of Niacin (via brewers yeast). Good luck!
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