2 week old chick constipated???


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9 Years
Feb 6, 2010
So I'm not sure exactly what is going on with one of my RIRs, but she has had the worst pasty butt for the past week or so. I've made sure that I'm down at their coop every day to check butts, but this one girl is the only one with it consistently now. Everyone else has cleared up and no problems now. The brooder has been at a steady temp of 95 the first week and 90 now. They have fresh food and water a few times a day...

With all of that said, now to what is wrong. She doesn't seem to be growing like everyone else and when I picked her up the other day, it feels like she has rocks in her belly below her vent. At one point she was straining so hard that the inside of her vent was protruding which I did massage back in (thank god for gloves!). I've since taken her out of the brooder and have her and a sibling in a cat carrier with a lamp. I've started giving her vegetable oil a couple times a day and today she did a giant poop that was solid brown.

I'm not sure why it's only this one chick that is having such a problem. If she's been eating the pine shavings, how would I stop/fix that? They spent the first week on paper towels, so she should know what her food is! Do I just keep doing the oil and how long? I don't want to hurt or lose her! Anyone else ever have this problem of the vent coming out???

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