2 Week old chick now cannot stand

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Hello, im hoping someone can help!
    Ive got two hatched chicks in my brooder, one male one female. they are now 2 weeks old. two days ago the female started to hobble and fall over a lot, now she scant even stand.She was completely fine before. When i pick her up her legs just dangle, one moves every now and then but there seems to be no strength there at all. He toes are a bit curled so i put splits on them but that just made her more clumbsey, so i took them off again.
    She eats fine and drinks fine if i put it in front of her, she cherps away and her breathing is fine too. the brooder is the right temperature and they have wire to walk on, they have the best feed too. Ive now seperated her and given her some vitamins today. I really dont know what to do with her, she lays there looking so helpless. Its no splayed legs as her legs dont go outwards, ive felt them and they dont feel broken or swollen. Can anyone help as im worried she will die or worse i will have to cull her, but she doesnt look in pain and she does try to stand every now and then without sucess,

    Thanks in advance!

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