2 week old chick with limp wing


Mar 2, 2018
Newman, CA
Today I noticed one of our 2 week old welsummer chicks was laying around more then usual and when she would walk she would only take a couple steps and sit back down. I noticed one of her wings with hanging lower and being dragged. When she lays down it points at a weird angle. We took her out of the brooder and gave her some nutridrench. This is also how we discovered that her wing was bothering her because of how tender it was. After the nutridrench she went back to eating and drinking. She hasn't been loudly peeping either. We did notice when we put her back in the other 2 week old welsummer started pecking the bad wing. Is it possible it is just hurt from the other chick? There was no sore/blood on her wing area. What else should we be doing to help her or is this nothing to really worry about? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

I also posted this in the emergency thread. I wasn't sure what section would be the best fit.
It could be a pecking injury. Have you examined the wing closely for wounds? It's important to treat immediately any open wounds as chickens have such a dirty lifestyle infection is never far away.

Having a bully chick pecking its mates is a very common problem during the first few weeks. You can discipline the little bully by poking it on the back when you see the bad behavior. Here's some more tips on how to deal with bullying in the brooder. https://www.backyardchickens.com/articles/aggressive-baby-chicks-and-how-to-stop-the-behavior.72029/
Thank you for the advice. I will inspect her wing again to be sure. The bully chick was pecking at the top of the wing where it connects to their back.

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