2 Week Old Chicks With Missing Feathers...


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
Had my chicks for almost 2 weeks now. A variety of brown egg layers from McMurray hatchery. Alls gone well so far, but today multiple chicks have lost feathers in spots on top of their wings, like this one here:


I've not witnessed any bullying or pecking. And multiple chicks of varying breeds have this happening to them.

There's 16 chicks in the brooder which is about 12 square feet. Water, feed, and starting today, chick grit, is always available for the chicks.

They're kept in the basement with little natural light, but lighted for about 15 hours every day with a "daylight" compact fluorescent light. Chicks seem to be at a comfortable temperature as some are under the heat lamps while others are spread around the brooder.


Is there something I need to do to correct it?

I wouldn't worry about it, in two weeks their backs and wings will be fully feathered.

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