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    I've got 30 unsexed chicks at the age of two weeks. 15 ameraucana and 15 new hamshier reds. Today I noticed only one NHR has brown legs while the other 14 have pink cute legs and then I noticed all 15 of my ameraucana have brown legs also. What could this be. I am a newbie, sorry.
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    some chicks have different colored legs
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    Americana should have green legs, not sure why they are brown they might change color as the get older. I have a couple of mixed Americana that have splashed legs, they have two different color on the legs. Give them as change to grown up and see what happens.
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    the one with the brownish legs NHR
    [​IMG] and s/he is also the smallest and less feathered out like his brother [​IMG]
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    Leg color should be according to standard, but hatcheries breed for production quality over standard. True Ameraucana would be grey or slate, sometimes willow depending upon the color. New Hampshire should be yellow.

    You ordered Ameraucana, but only a couple of hatcheries actually sell true standard Ameraucana selling instead what is called an Easter Egger (sometimes erroneously Americana). The brown legs I suspicion are more willow than brown and the hallmark of the Easter Egger (a mix of Ameraucana and any other breed typically bred in hatcheries). So you would have received, most likely, 16 Easter Eggers.

    The New Hampshire Reds would be technically Production Reds as the standard breed name is New Hampshire (no red). That indicates more Rhode Island Red thrown into the line, leaving standards for New Hampshire for production (egg quantity).

    So it looks like you have some very nice hatchery quality Easter Eggers and Production Reds. You should get lots of brown and green eggs in about 5 to 6 months.

    If the legs are a true brown, and the chick grows up with brown legs, then it is either an oddity indicating some other breed by mistake or poor standard quality as to leg color. Odd things can happen in genetics when you mix a bunch of breeds as happens in the hatchery formulas.


    Info about the New Hampshire: http://www.motherearthnews.com/home...mpshire-heritage-poultry-zeylaf.aspx?PageId=1

    Info about Easter Egger vs. Ameraucana
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    Chick leg color develops over time, and your EEs may develop those green legs, and your NHs legs may actually turn yellow. Mary

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