2 week old Silkie that keep rolling over and sleeps on it's back??


7 Years
May 20, 2012
We're new Silkie owners and our 2 week old chick keeps rolling over, like a somersault, and will sometimes fall asleep on its back. It occassionally seems to have trouble lifting its head...and sometimes it will be walking and immediately "fall/lie down" and go to sleep. It's eating, drinking and playful otherwise. Just some different behavior on occasion. Is something wrong? What should I look for? Thanks in advance!
It could be a vitamin deficiency. Two years ago my silkie chick was acting funny also. I read on here some silkies get it. I got Baby liquid vitamin drops,,(WITHOUT IRON) I also got vitamin Gel caps...Fish Oil. Opened up the gel cap and mixed it with some of the liquid vitamins and gave it to her 3 times a day. Within a week she was fine and hasn't been sick since.

Type "silkie vitamin deficiency" in the search section above and you can read what other people have used for their silkie chicks.

Hope this helps.

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