2 week old with scissor beak

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    I have an easter egger chick that I noticed developing scissor beak in just the past few days. The thing is, the lower mandible can be gently moved back into place, and sometimes when he 'grinds' his beak it moves back into place. I imagine like fixing curled foot, the chick is still growing and thus its bones aren't hardened into place yet. I'm looking all over the forum and everyone's prognosis is that it'll get worse and you have to file it etc.

    Has anyone tried 'guiding' the lower beak from getting worse? For example, if there was a toothpick or something stiff on the protruding side to 'guide' the beak to stay underneath the top beak?

    Tape seems out of the question because it will just make for a floppy toothpick, but maybe if I used something to leverage it into place. I was considering superglue but I'm concerned about the fumes, and it seems the only way to remove it is acetone. Is this all crazy talk?

    Also, I've read some but not much info on cell salts and penetran. Any suggestions for those? I'm not keeping these chicks for breeding, so I'd prefer not to hear any suggestions of culling/euthanizing. This chick is fat and healthy otherwise. Thanks!
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    I doubt that crazy glue would hurt the bird, since doctors use it to close human wounds all the time, but I doubt it will work, and might give other birds something to peek at. We just lost a cross beak silkie. It's beak was fine when purchased at 1 week old, and showed up at about 3 weeks. It lived about 3 more weeks and seemed to be growning, but one day it just died. Natural selection was our choice. Either way it is hard to watch and see when you love your birds.
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    I would like to bump this post and see if anyone has any ideas. I read about using Penetran on a FB thread, and wondered if/how that worked for people.


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