2 weeks old eating to much sand???


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Feb 19, 2009
Hi, Got 7 chicks 3 days ago, about 2 weeks old, bought as ameracaunas but probably EEs. Anyhow, today I added an 18 inch by 18 inch cardboard box up against their brooder box, with an access door that I can open or close. It's supposed to be their playpen, and I put about 1 inch of sand in it that I got from the desert wash behind our house. (I also added a little food grade DE to the sand)The chicks love it in there, and it's the only place in the brooder where I can actually reach in and play with them a little bit in the process of getting them tame. My question is: They seem to spend all of their time eating the sand, or at least it sure looks like they're eating it. I know chickens eat some grit type material, but I'm concerned that they might eat to much of it. Opinions? Thanks, Ed
i'm not sure, maybe they know how much they need.
but maybe someone with more knowledge than me will come around and assist you.

good luck!
My chicks(6 wks old) LOVE to eat Parakeet Grit (which is like sand). I put in an upside-down lid with the grit in it, and they go crazy eating it til it's gone. I don't know if they'll eat too much, I'm scared to give them more than a small amount! So I'd like to know other's opinions and experience on this too.
It may look like their food to them. maybe sprinkle some food small amt over the sand during play time. They could eat it instead of the sand. Jean
Well. I don't think I should let them play in the sandbox anymore, they just constantly eat it for as long as I leave them in there. Maybe I'll put about 2 inches of pine shavings on top of the sand so they'll have to dig down to it. They show no ill effects from eating the sand, but I don't see how that much sand can be good for them. But then, it's cheaper than chick starter. Ed

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