2 white geese at Orange county animal shelter in NC

I think you should get her.
I can't have geese, my yard is way too small! And no water or place for a pool. I signed up on our animal shelter website to be alerted for chickens that may be available for adoption, but chickens wasn't an option, only poultry was, so now I get alerts for all the poultry they get in that need new homes. They sure are pretty though!
It is a myth that geese need a pool or a large body of water. My don't. Once in a while in the summer I will fill a small pool for them, but honestly it is a pain, it gets filthy within seconds, and I hate to waste all that water.

My poor deprived geese get a 5 gallon bucket of water daily, with they absolutely love. All they need is something deep enough to dunk their heads in. Something half the size of a 5-gallon bucket would be even better (the bucket is a bit tall, and too tall for my ducks).
My mother and I also own a house together, and she reluctantly agreed with chickens (though she likes them now) and she doesn't want geese!
I sympathize with you! LOL Actually, geese are a bit of a handful...more noisy and definitely more poop! If you free range, they have the annoying habit of popping right outside your doorway, on your deck, sidewalks....anywhere but where you want them to.

So, your mom's reservations do have some merit. :eek:) Still, I love having them.
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