2 wk wyandottes


Oct 4, 2017
I'll posts pictures when I get home. But I hatched some wynadottes (3). One I know for sure is a girl fast feather grower has wings an tail feathers. The two others are much slower barely seeing wing feathers. Those ones had a single row of feathers on wings unlike the other one. But now one that's in question looks like it may have long short feathers growing like a female would an they are looking rounded. I saw something about being able to sex wyandottes. But like I said I'll posts pics in an hour or two. These are silver an gold wyandottes.
Here they are


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I have three 5-week old wyandottes, a splash and two red laced blues. If I remember correctly lol! Two look like hens and one looks like it might be a rooster. One is much taller with a long neck, and feathering is different, while the two that I hope are hens are shorter and rounder. Any opinions? This is two of them; I couldn't get a pic of just the splash chick


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So far she looks to have rounded feathers. This is my second hatch and my first one I was pretty good at sexing them. The one I kept was the first one to hatch and had two sets of feathers on the wings an was a fast feather grower. These were wyandotte x austrolp an the other one was very slow feathers kept changing an personality. With the ones I have now one is growing faster an the other two just started getting wing feathers. The also had a single row of wing feathers when hatched.​
Here are photos today I took of mine. Im pretty certain that the slower feather growers are male. Color of comb have changed and personality. The other one i named Lola who looks just like mom and had two rows of wing feathers at hatch is completely different and much easier to handle.


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