2 wks old and SO BIG!


8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
It doesn't seem like that long ago, but my chicks are two weeks old and they're so big already! So I took all their pictures today while I cleaned their brooder, here they are! :)

This little guy is Thibault, he's a BLRW.

And this one is Rosalie, also a BLRW :)

And here's Nike the Turken

And this shot I got of her. I think it was too hot in the brooder so they did that gaping thing. I raised the heat lamp up after wards.

Here is Pearl another beautiful BLRW. She was flying away in this picture :p

The one in the foreground is Olivia and Thibault is in the back, still up there :p

This is a silver Lakenvelder, Absaroke. She is soooo sweet, I just love her. She stayed up by me for a long time and she's so beautiful too.

Here is Ave Maria. She's so funny too. I think she's either a buff orp or a red star, if you know, tell me! :p

This is Finelli, my easter egger. She's so cute! And her feathers are growing in really fast.

This is beautiful little Gloria! She's a speckled sussex. She's not very friendly but she's so gorgeous.

This is Etta, a black Cochin. She's so verrrry pretty also.

And this is Abenaki my sisters "light brahma" These are all hatchery chicks as you can tell :p Her wing feathers are supposed to white, right? lol. OH well she's very nice as well and I think she's gorgeous too!

Then this is Zelma, another black cochin. So cute!

And here is Harriet, a white orpington :)

And here is Stella, the other white orp.

And this is Vera a black minorca. They are very curious and adventurous chickens.

Here's Darcy, my mystery chick. I think she's a partridge cochin, but that's just my guess. Her eyes are so pretty.

And here is the other Minorca, Hoku.

And here is Elspeth, a buff cochin. The buff cochins seem to be really quiet. They don't like to be held AT ALL.

And Peach is the other buff cochin

Here is a silver spangled hamburg, Dottie or Lottie. They are very active and funny little birds :)

And Ronnie, my RIR. She doesn't really look like one I think. But she's a goofy little chick and I don't care :p

Then they all got tired and fell asleep in an enormous pile.

Here's a partridge rock, Beatrice. She's pretty calm and if you pick her up, she's happy to just perch on your finger :)

And this one is Isabel. She's supposed to be a red star I'm thinking. But she looks so manly (how would they mess that up?). So idk. Either way, she's super sweet!

And this is Lilibeth. She's a GLW. And also very gorgeous! (i think all my chicks are beautiful lol)

And this is Clara, a black jersey giant. She's panting cause it's hot. I raised up the lamp, don't worry :p

Here's a group all tuckered out

This is the other silver spangled hamburg, either Dottie or Lottie.

And the other EE, Flo!

Oh and I took a couple pics of the big chickens too.
This is Chloe my sweetest and friendliest hen. I just love her. Idk what my flock would be without her! :p

And Athena is the queen.

And here's Rainy too

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