2 y.o Red Star hen acts like statue;1 y.o Delaware thinks its a turkey


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8 Years
May 19, 2011
Hey all. We have a flock of hens that was marvelous until the stupid accidental rooster happened. Now suddenly our strongest hens seem to be ill.

Rebel is a 2 y.o Red Star hen. She's usually friendly and active and always where she shouldn't be (as long as shes w/us shes happy) but now she just stands still. She looks like a statue, makes no noise, just stands there and stares.

Our other problem child is a 1 y.o Delaware hen named Penny, also super friendly etc... She now runs around almost in a panic with her wings, neck feathers, and tail all fanned out (just like a male turkey). I notice shes clucking a lot too, short quick clucks, and her vent seems to pulse w/her clucking.

I thought maybe one or the other was egg bound, since we have seen a drop in egg production, but I don't know. I've got a feeling the rooster is stressing them out- thus causing these problems.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I've never had any health problems w.our flock before- I'd hate to lose one of the girls now.

Thank you-

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