2 year old Bhrama not walking - Solution if this is your case

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    For the past 2 years I have been reading very helpful posts when my girls got sick. Here is what happen to one of mine and how I got her back to life. This is my small contribution, just in case someone gets across a similar case. One day, I noticed she had this purple spots on her feet but since she was acting as normal, I let it pass. Then, she started having trouble walking. She was still eating but walking with difficulty. Then she got a bad diarrhea one day. She lost a lot of weight, she was all bones, very weak and wasn't eating or drinking that much. She was hardly moving. I went to the pet shop and got her some Ornacycline (antibiotic). I diluted one pack in a 1/4 cup of water and gave it to her for seven days. I started feeding her by hand (she would eat from my hand). I also kept on giving her Pedialyte (no flavor) and gave her black sunflower seeds and any other seed I thought would give her some vitamins and energy. At this point I just wanted her to eat something. At the beginning of her sickness I started giving her a hard boiled egg. She would take some, but it looks like the protein was bad for her and she stop eating it, she didn't want it. (I read some place the protein was causing a problem). Eventually, the diarrhea got better, but her poop wasn't still completely normal. It had been seven days so I stopped the antibiotic. She wasn't still eating on her own but she was drinking water. The other problem she had was her walking. She started limping REAL bad. We thought she had dislocated a hip or something like that, but after checking her legs we concluded that wasn't the problem. I searched the web for answers and found a post which I unfortunately lost. This post saved my Pea's life. At this point she was hardly moving and if she did it was pitiful to watch. The good news, she was still eating and drinking. I called my vet and asked her to order some Metacam for me, they won't sell it without a prescription. I ordered the 1.5mg/ml in a 10ml bottle -costs $13.00. The first day I gave her two drops of Metacam diluted in the amount of water the syringe would hold (there's a small syringe included w/the bottle of Metacam). Next day I saw an improvement. Then I started giving her 3 drops diluted in the same amount of water. I did this for 8 days. The post I read said to give the Metacam for 10 days, but by the 8th day she was walking and eating normally, so I decided to stop the medicine. It took me about 3-4 weeks of TLC, hand feeding her everyday after I came from work, making sure she had something on her "belly" before going to sleep. While she had the diarrhea I gave her Pedilyte constantly. I also rubbed vasseline on her feet for mites, but I don't think that was the problem. I did this for a few days and I saw her so unhappy I stopped it. The Metacam did the trick. It's used to reduce inflammation and arthritis in dogs. Read some posts agains it, but when you are desperate, anything goes. She's COMPLETELY back to normal. Happy as usual. I hope this helps some one out there. Thank you all for all those helpful post!!!
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