2 year old chicken not roosting, lethargic


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12 Years
Oct 29, 2007
We have a 2 y/o Buff Orpington. All of a sudden she has stopped roosting and just sits on the coop floor. All other chickens are roosting on their perchecs. She seems lethargic at times but runs the yard on occasion. Is this something to be worried about? She keeps getting pooped on by the other chickens in the coop since she lays under them not on the perch with them!


11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
coos bay OR
Hi. We have a couple birds that sleep under the roost bars and get pooped on constantly. Does she have any other symptoms? How are her poos, her eyes, her breathing, has she been laying? Good luck, hope its nothing serious. If you truly think she may be sick, you should isolate her just to make sure the other birds will be safe, and that way you can more closely observe her

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