2 Year Old Hen with a Twisted Neck

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  1. GrandmaCluck

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    Jun 23, 2009
    I found 2 hens that didn't make it into the coop before the auto-door closed. They were huddled together by the door - one on top of the other. I opened the door and shooed the one in. Then I looked at the second one and it looks like her head is on backwards. I picked her up and I can turn her head but she can't hold her head up and it just kind of flops over to the side. Is this a broken neck and what can I do? She moves around but doesn't appear to be able to see where she is going.

    I have 30 chickens - 29 hens and 1 roo. All seem to be healthy.
  2. Miyashi

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    Apr 20, 2011
    Gaylord, MI
    [​IMG] I will be of no help to you other than to shove this further to the top.
    I hope someone has an answer for you.
    Poor dear... <3
    Best of luck! <3
  3. mljohnson05

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    May 16, 2011
    It might be WRY NECK....
    if this the first time it has happened?
    can you take a pic?
    it could also be the position they were in , and she my have damaged a nerve....either way it is usually due to vitamins lacking.
    needs Vit E and B complex immediately
    it will make her so she will get use of her neck again
    you NEED to take a eye dropper and feed her water with apple cider vinegar
    give her 1000 mg of capsule liquid Vit E by cutting the end of the capsule and taking the vitE pill and let the oil un into her beak
    maybe stretching the neck some so it will go down
    also need to crush a vit B complex pill in a tbsp and put it into a tsp of water and put it in her mouth after it is dissolved

    have something tasty standing by cause this is going to taste REALLY bad to her

    Hope this helps

  4. GrandmaCluck

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Thanks for your response. I went to the coop this morning with my apple cider vinegar, my eye dropper, electrolytes water, a can of salmon and my camera. Actually I was expecting to see a dead chicken. Instead I found nothing!! All the chickens were out in the run and I cannot tell which chicken was the one with the neck problem. How weird is that!! I must be in Oz.

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