2 year old hens missing neck feathers


5 Years
Jul 20, 2014
Seattle, Washington
Hi! I have my little flock of three 2 year old hens, and this is my first year keeping them, so it has been a learning process all the way! A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my hens was missing a lot of feathers around her neck, and a week later, the same problem showed up on the second hen. I thought maybe they were picking on eachother so I kept a close eye on them and started feeding them treats high in iron in case they had a deficiency and were pecking eachoter to make up for it, but the naked areas on the neck are really clean, and there are no wounds or scabby spots, it just looks like the feathers were trimmed off short. Could it be mites? I browsed a lot of threads that referred to juvenile molting, but they seem to old for that. What can I do to make sure my normally happy ladies stay that way?!

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