2 year old hens not laying... ?


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Jul 2, 2008
hoping for some advice before the last resort of these replacing these girls with new stock...

We have 14 hens, 4 Araucanas, and the rest are a mix of Buff Orpingtons and Partridge Rocks. We had an awful winter this year and had some interruptions in laying, which I assumed were due to the power being out for a week or more, and therefore the light in the coop being out... Things seemed to be back to normal- we were getting 9 or so eggs per day up till the snow was gone, then they just stopped.

We've suddenly been getting 0-2 eggs per day. We did give them a different layer pellet (Blue Seal) than they usually got (Poulin) for a while, but we've switched back to make sure that's not the problem. They've been back on Poulin for a bit now, and the past couple days we've had no eggs at all. There is one rooster in the bunch, and he's usually pretty mellow. There's also a pair of guinea fowl in the coop, but they've all been together since they were chicks.

We haven't seen any mites that we can tell. They get oyster shell mixed in with their pellets, water and feed free choice all the time, veggie scraps from the kitchen, have access to a large run, and free range occasionally when we and our dogs are around to protect them from fishers.

Shouldn't these girls still be laying? Is there something we're missing or not thinking of?

I miss my fresh eggs....
hmmm...I would say they are laying outside where you cant see it? But since you dont free range often Im guessing IDK...At 2 I would think youd be getting at least a few a day-like laying every other day?
I have one hen who I was told was 2 when I got her, she laid about every other day when I got her, I have not seen an egg from her yet this spring though. But who knows if she was older then 2 when I got her. She was in a bad situation as well, I just call her retired now.

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