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    Up for bids are 20+ eggs from my button quail flock. All pairs are penned individually (1 male, 1 female) except for 1 pen that has 2 pair. That group will be separated within a week, they are still young [​IMG]

    I have quite a few different colors in my flock, but most of my birds are cinnamon or cinnamon mixes. You can view this album to see pics of all my breeders. The last few pics shows a bunch of buttons in a fish tank; these are birds that were hatched a few months ago. 2 males and 2 females are still in this tank, the other females are paired with males and the extra males moved in with the other bachelors.

    Due to postal handling and your incubation techniques, I cannot guarantee your hatch. What I can guarantee is that you will receive at least 20 eggs suitable for hatching. If for some reason you do not receive at least 20 eggs, I will replace them provided you pay shipping. I rarely have breakages and send extras when available.

    Shipping eggs during the warmer months is not as risky as most make it seem. One trick I've learned over the years is to set eggs in the incubator immediately during the summer. You can 'rest' your eggs in the incubator just as easily as you can on the counter...just don't turn them for a day or two. This helps during the summer because often the eggs will begin developing in-transit. Placing the eggs immediately in the incubator helps deter loss from dying embryos.

    I can do larger orders, up to 35+, if you are interested. I have 14 pair of buttons and get 6-10 eggs every day. The eggs for this listing are from Saturday through Monday (June 18-21).

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