20 post


It means 20 posts in any thread, you don't have to have asked 20 individual questions. You have a post count of 29 right now so you are good to go :D
I have over 20 post then and it still wont let me post a ad..

The system may need to catch up if you made the posts in quick succession. Are you on mobile or desktop version of BYC?
If on mobile you may need to switch to desktop to posts an ad. You can do this by scrolling right down to the bottom of any page and clicking desktop ~

New to the site & really tech stupid. .... how do u ask questions

Hello there & :welcome

You can ask questions within the forum by starting a new thread or by replying to an existing thread just as you have here. The forum is broken down into different sections that cover a whole range of topics.

Please do check out the FAQ's by clicking on this link ~ https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/faq
There is a very helpful video in there that I'm sure you will find most helpful.

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