20 week old EE with missing feathers, lameness :(

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    Mar 3, 2014
    I am so glad to have joined this awesome community of chicken lovers!

    I've been a back yard chickener for over two years and have always found such great stuff here. I am hoping you guys can help me figure out what's up with my poor birdie.

    I am desperate for answers to help my EE pullet. I got 10 pullets from a great lady here in So Cal about 2 months ago. All of them are around 20 weeks of age at this point and they are all healthy and happy except for this one. I noticed about a week ago that she was spending all of her time sitting in the bottom of the coop or on a perch inside, isolated. She was getting picked on by the other chickens and was starting to lose back feathers. I started letting her free range during the day and put her in the coop at night to give her a break from the unwanted attention but she seems to be getting progressively less active and walking seems to pain her. I have been keeping her in a dog crate for the last 5 days - letting her in out in the sunshine and grass during the day and bringing her in for night. All the pullets are on organic chicken grower. Since this one has been struggling I have been giving her oatmeal with yogurt, sunflower seeds, garlic, and meal worms to try and fatten her up.

    She eats and drinks. She poops and it looks totally normal.
    I have checked her all over for parasites and found none.
    Her eyes are bright.
    No raised scales on her legs.
    No discharge from nostrils or eyes.
    No respiratory distress.


    Swollen reddish lumps on the shanks of her legs (her ankles also seem a bit swollen) looks like a bruise to me (might be hard to spot in the pictures).
    One leg is definitely hurting and more sensitive than the other but no raised scales or open injuries.
    Sits all day.
    Sits back on her haunches with her feet almost in the air.
    Feather loss and dry skin w/ some crusty spots.
    Not as heavy as my other girls


    Thank you so much for your suggestions :)

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