20 week old just died suddenly

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    I had a 20 week old Dominique who just started to lay. Mon egg, Tues no egg, Wens and Thursday egg Then yesterday she was acting weird like she had to lay an egg but no egg. All of the eggs had been tiny like they are supposed to be. We tried to see if she was egg bound but we couldn't find anything. Last night I gave her some electrolytes as yesterday they had run out of water and I thought that was possibly the problem. She just sat in her nest not doing anything, she is normally very flighty. It was weird she wasn't making any weird noises although she was a lot louder this whole week than normal but I thought it was just because she started laying this week. On Monday she was hopping in and out of each nest box(4 don't know if it matters) I added some hay and she was not happy with that so went again to each nest to "fix" them. later that night I found an egg on the floor. Then same on Wens and Thursday same behavior only not quite as eratic, she only chose one nest then layed the egg in a different spot. All the other hens have been fine. Just walked in and found her dead in her nest what the heck? I think my husband will do a necropsy. Any thoughts?
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