2010 Butterscotch Call Duck Drakes, NPIP, P/U in Joliet, Illinois

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    Oct 22, 2009
    I have several single 2010 Butterscotch Call duck drakes available at $20 each, various hatch dates and degrees of feathering out...may also have a few pairs available at other prices, please PM or email me but do not do BuyItNow, I want to keep the auction live without it being canceled by a BuyItNow. I can ship if and when weather permits but prefer pickup in the greater Joliet, Illinois region. Also a few black Calls available, and a gray pair of a 2009 drake with a 2010 pullet. Will allow farm visits by appointment only. NPIP premise with ALL parent ducks blood tested. The image shown is a group with both sexes in the cage, but some of these are some of the actual drakes available.

    Parents are a drake from the Fuller line of Butterscotch, purchased from Josh McCallister; a hen also purchased from Josh but from Janet Phelps' line and a hen sired by the drake named above. One of these hens was Reserve Best of Variety at the Ill-Mo show.

    Edited to add: I can't see the image coming up in the listing, so here is the picture:

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    I can't wait to come get mine next week! Can't believe I almost passed on the Butters! [​IMG]

    I posted this in the Cheeseheads forum too, but if anyone in Wisconsin or Minnesota wants some of these ducks, I can pick them up from duckluck when I'm down there, and then can meet people in the Wisconsin Dells area! Just throwing it out there. [​IMG]

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