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9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
California, MO
This is a sale of groups of12 hatching eggs from our Bantam showbirds. The $20 includes shipping. Mix & match. We have Silkie in white, blue splash, black & blue (our blacks & blues are housed together). Showgirls in white & project birds in blue, black, red & frizzle. Cochins in black, blue splash, blue splash frizzle & mille fleur, mille fleur frizzle. Mille Fleur eggs limited to 2 eggs per order. Japs in mottled, black tail buff, black tail white. Wyandottes in blue & black. Buff Brahmas. Naked Necks in Blue (includes blue splash, self blue,blue), Black, & Mottled (we have a frizzle hen in each pen of NN). Eggs will be picked up when ordered & may have a delay depending on availability ( everything is laying well at this time) See our facebook page, Buzzard Barn, for pictures. Eggs will be well packaged & shipped by Priority Mail but we cannot guarantee eggs once they leave our premises. So far, we have not encountered any problems with shipping. Cannot ship outside of continental US.
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Could I get just blue/black/splash silkies and no showgirls? Also, could I ask you to wait on shipping? I'm getting a batch of Cochin eggs later this month or early February, and I'd like the eggs to ship at the same time so I can set them together if possible... if not, that's also fine, I have two incubators and can stagger hatches.
Thank you!! Our Post Office has already had its pick up for the day, so I will ship 1st thing Monday morning, unless you tell me otherwise. That way the eggs won't get stuck in transit over the weekend.

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