2017 First case of Avain Flu H7 found in TN

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    Jun 8, 2014
    Since this is a very real concern, I am not trying to start some hysteria in the bird world, but I do feel that those not aware (should be aware) and always keep this concern the the back of their minds at all times.

    Many of you may not be aware of this weeks news, But on March 6, 2017, the first case of 2017 H7 Avian Flu was discovered on a chicken farm in Lincoln County TN and was shut down.

    Here is but one of many articles covering the news.

    Avian Flu In Tennessee

    I will not be monitoring this thread...But I feel it should be put out in the community for Nation awareness.
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    Thanks for the post, I had not heard of that event. They have certain protocols to follow, test every flock (private and commercial) within a certain radius and keep going until they are clean. Something like this can affect our trade balance, we export so much chicken. It’s a big deal.

    Hopefully they can get this under control before migratory birds start spreading it. I’m sure they are busting their butts right now.
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    Jun 8, 2014
    Ditto. the whole reason I posted this. I can just imagine that not everyone has heard the news and am sure that the news was kept to a minimum as to keep if from becoming some panic scenario or high concern.(or people missed the news), etc.
    I don't want panic either but people still need to know and be aware it is a strong potential.

    Off topic but related in a way......I know the antibiotics will not fight off H7, but since the FDA and the makers of such have agreed to take it off the shelves, I suspect that this year is going to be very interesting as people have become so dependent.... (nay)- the antibiotics have been so Common place in commercial feeds, that this years flocks and livestock is going to experience a transition. I suspect that the private owners will experience More of a difficulty in maintenance than large commercial operations.

    Larger operations, may not see or experience as much difficulty or change as they are under regulations and may still have access to antibiotics thru Veterinarian care.

    I think taking it off the shelf "Cold Turkey" is both a good and bad thing, but we will just have to wait and see.
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    Check allaboutfeed.com and
    Worldpoultry.com I know the commercial industry put an update recently on what's going on in Tennessee .

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