22 week old Silkie Roo is trying to mate...questions?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by bigdogmom130, Nov 29, 2010.

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    My silkie Roo is trying to mate with my 20 week Buff Orpington. He doesn't seem to bother any of the other girls. My question is: since they girls are not laying yet, is he even getting anywhere, and will he seriously hurt her? I have seen him trying to mate with her, but she tries to get away and screams VERY loud. I am worrying about her. Any advice would be helpful. I only have 6 hens and my roo. Should I rehome him or let nature run it's course? I'm so confused as this is my first time having a Roo. Thank you!

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    If he starts removing her feathers so she has bare patches on her, they sell hen saddles to protect the hen from the rooster.

    I have silkie roos and other roos. They try to sweet talk the hens into mating and then mate with the hen squawking. They pull on the hen's hackle feathers with their beaks. All the mating I observe daily is done against the hens' wills. They are mating with some hens who haven't started laying.

    I would just consider this normal.

    Also- some roosters are really gentlemen. They say it helps when a young roo has a nice old roo to pick up tips from. A lot of threads here mention roosters that dance around the ladies ASKING them to mate, then only mating with them when they say yes. [​IMG]

    I can't wait for some of my roos to learn manners.
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    He's a teenager. The hens will become more willing as they mature, and his technique will improve.
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    Quote:Agreed. Feel fortunate that he's waited this long. My Thor was 10 weeks old when the hormones hit, Impy was 2 weeks old. [​IMG]

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