24+ bearded silkie hatching eggs assorted colors


14 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Powder Springs, ga
I have 2 white pens with Bobbi Porto roos, a Sassy splash roo over blue hens, and my BBS pen which has black and blue Bobbi Porto line roos over black , blue, and silver hens.you will get white,blue,black,splash, and sometimes partridge from all these pens. Eggs no more than 4 days old today, unless they are the extras which they might be another day or two older. I bubblewrap them well, unless you prefer shavings or other paper wrap and send priority mail with confirmation #. I get good hatches at home, at least 75%. I can't hatch anymore between now and December, since I will be going out of town next month. I make no guarantee on what your hatch rate will be, depends on the postal handling and your incubation method. I accept paypal at my email address [email protected]. thank you

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