24 days incubated, not hatching


6 Years
May 28, 2017
Björköby, Sweden
Hi there, it's that time of year again, I suppose.

I had 13 eggs in an incubator and on day 18 when I was preparing for lockdown, I realized that only two were still alive. The others looked to have stopped developing somewhere around day 10. I think the incubator got too cold one night (I had it out in our garage/coop - stupid me! Anyway, two were fully developed and moving so I put them in for lockdown. That was Tuesday evening. They are no on day 23 and still no signs of pipping or anything. I know that hatching times can vary, especially if they got chilled which it seems might have happened if the incubator couldn't cope with the cold dip.

I am antsy as heck to open it up and candle to see if I can still see movement but I realize it is a risk. But then they very well may be gone already. Or might die if I don't do something. I am so disappointed, as this is the second clutch I have lost this season. I had a broody sit for nearly 30 days on 20 eggs that all died. So 35 eggs and two months later, I have just two eggs that developed fully and I really was hoping they would hatch. Is there anything I can do? What would you do? Thanks!
I don't know anyone who incubates in a garage since atmospheric air temps vary a lot and there are drafts occurring in there. I don't think there can be anything done for the eggs, sorry for your loss.
Ok so I couldn't resist and I just candled them. They are both moving! Do I leave them be overnight? (it is 9pm here). Should I assist? I saw a lot of veins so maybe they are taking a LONG time to develop and I went into lockdown too early for them? Last year I tried to assist one that pipped and nothing else after like 36 hours and it didn't make it so I am really afraid to go that route but would hate to see them alive now and die because I didn't help them out. :(

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