24 hours and all is good

chicken ridl

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10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Made it thru the first 24 hours.
Was a little scared. Never had turkeys before. Everyone was going on about how dumb they are.
I started them like I do my chicks. Took each one out of the box and into the water.
I had very little bedding on the floor. Sprinkled the starter food on the floor because they will eat anything. I figure pecking at food on the floor is better than eating corn cobs or paper.
I had 3 very weak ones in the box and lost 2.
My wife makes a mash out of the starter food and water. They hit that like a pack of wolves.
Made sure thay all got to the water and food again. This morning they were all ok.
I bought them from Meyer hatcheries. I had a friend that lost most of his birds twice only to find out that thay were coming from far away with not much bedding in the box.
He got his from some were else.

So far so good.
I have had turkeys and chicks shipped from all over. I don't find distance to be a factor at all. You can come across the country in a day the same as if it is from your own state. I am a expert at receving shipped poulty. After I won a large Jack Pot in Las Vegas Years ago. I spent at least $10,000 on poultry. Ok I admit I am crazy.

Turkeys are not much different than chickens to me. I never had one not eat or drink.

Put a old towel down in the brooder. Thats all they need. I only feed dry turkey starter.

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