24 hours and my baby chick still hasn't fully dried

That happens when the incubator has high humidity. If there are other eggs hatching, I wouldn't open it yet. If the hatch is done, put wet chick under a heat lamp. I don't wait until they are all dry before taking them out. They never fluff up fully in my incubator :idunno
Do I live the chicken in the incubator or put it in a brooder to dry?

i just hatched my first chicks and one didn't look dry like the other two. Some one told me if you open the incubator to take out one chick with another egg that has peeped it can shrink wrap the chick in the egg. that is what happened to mine. She looked glued together with membrane from the egg. Her wing was stuck to her side and her beak was stuck to her wing. I had to give her a warm bird bath and put her under the light in a brooder. They are one week old today and "sticky" is now as fluffy as the rest just a bit smaller.

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