24 hours in brooder-chick with click (rattle) what to do, expect next

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Brooder temp 99-100 directly under light, 78 outside light, feeding water with sugar and duramycin 10 since arrival yesturday. Other chicks active and no signs of problems yet. All chicks had bright green droppings until after a few hours of eating, still some green color to the droppings. I held this chick in my hand and encouraged to drink the medicated water from a cap, he drank about 5 times and then sparked up slightly and was walking and standing. What should I expect next? Can young chicks recover once there is a clicking or rattle to their breathing? Is this stress or contageous illness starting here, should I separate this chick? Is there an other medication that could help this chick or protect the other chicks from anything to come? Oxytetracycline? (brand names?) I do also have sumlet on hand.

    What I read is that CRD, MG, or Mycoplasmosis takes at least 6-11 days before noticing the disease. This chick was hatched on Wednesday so what else could rattle breathing be a symptom of that only takes 2 days to show?
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    If the brooder is damp, or you can smell ammonia, it could be environmental.
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    I had the same problem with one of my chicks. We used terrimycin (spelling?) the back of the bag will tell you how much to use for how long. The chick is fine now, no more problems. This happened at about 2 weeks of age now it is about 5 weeks old.

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