25 week old pullet keeps falling asleep standing up

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    I have a 25 week old pullet who keeps falling asleep standing up outside, I have seen her do it twice now, once a few days ago and once today. I have some pictures to show you. Please help me with what is wrong with her, she is not lethargic and doesn't seem too bad but if something is coming on to kill her or give her really bad health, I think this is the best time to catch it. What could it be ? She wakes up if you call a name or tap or something.
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    It looks like cocci. I would pick up corid from your local feed store and clean out your coop to prevent spread of disease.
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    can she pick up her neck up if she tries or does it seem "stuck" in that position? I ask because it can make a big difference in the diagnosis and treatment. Have you seen her walk? can she walk? it does seem like coccidosis but if she can't lift her neck it is something else.
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    She is hunched or puffed up. The symptoms of coccidiosis are diarrhea or blood in droppings, refusing to eat, sleepiness or lethargy, and puffing up. If her symptoms fit those, Corid or amprollium will treat it. Is it cold where you live? Is she laying eggs? Have you checked her for being egg bound? I would put some electrolytes and vitamins in her water, and make sure that she is drinking and eating, until you figure out what is wrong. If she is being kept from food and water by others she also could look like this.
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    Hi, thanks for the replies. We are in the UK and its cold at this time of year. She can lift her neck up, sometimes she runs around with the others. I don't think she is egg bound because she hasn't started laying yet, at least one of the two others have started, I believe it's around 25-30 weeks until they start. treated a cockerel which was about 10 weeks old for cocci, I might still have some of it left so I will try that
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