27 weeks & acts like she will lay but doesn't


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May 23, 2014
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Our Barred Rock is 27 weeks tomorrow. She was the first of our girls to start the submissive squat over 6 weeks ago and was also the first to check out the nesting boxes. She spends a lot of time rearranging them and gets all cuddled up inside and will sit in there for long periods of time but NO EGGS! Our Delaware was the second to squat and has been laying for 2 1/2 weeks already. should I be worried? I have checked her vent and don't see anything unusual. TIA
The 'submissive squat' is just an ingrained behavior, roosters will do that too if a hen mounts them, lol... As will chicks of all ages... It's not actually submission, it's mating position/invitation and she shouldn't be showing that to humans but that's what happens when instincts get confused. It doesn't mean anything reliable. None of my hens squat for humans but they all lay. It's common to see the squatting in breeds usually developed using AI, since of course then humans have indeed become their mates, so it's not really the chook's fault their instincts are confused.

She's still young, she should lay soon, if not, then there's something wrong with her. It is indeed a bit odd that she's been checking out the nest and sitting in it without doing anything though.

Best wishes.

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