27th day under the hens

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    Feb 1, 2016
    SO! yesterday was day 26 and still nothing. I went out to check one last time before I clear out the nest and send my 2 ladies packing but the rain was coming down so badly I decided to wait til after work today. I was kinda putting it off because my 3 yr old has been excited to see some baby chicks hatch and has been pretty sad the last few days since Ive told him they are most likely not going to hatch into babies. Went into to clean out the nests and to my surprise I heard a couple of faint chirps. Looked under one of the hens and there was a little fuzzball underneath her... YAY!

    Decide to go all the way in and check out the situation. I was already confused because under the first hen there were no eggs...??? Looked under the 2nd and we had one chick 1 smushed and 2 pipped eggs. At that point I didnt want to bug her any more so we left and went back into the house.

    Couple hrs later we returned to the coop. We were running into town and wanted to check on them before it got dark. When I completely removed the 2nd hen from the nest I realized she only had about 8 eggs under her. Considering I started with 2 doz and only threw about 6 away there should have been more. At this point both hens were outside and I was baffled. NO more eggs and only 1 chick. Then I started hearing what I thought was another chick. I look in the corner of the nest and I see a little beak sticking out of some straw. I proceeded to place my hand between the wall the straw and felt an egg. I pulled it out and put it on the next nest. Put my hand back in there... this time it was a squished chick half in the shell[​IMG], then another[​IMG] and another[​IMG]. They were all crammed in between the wall and the nest. Last one I pulled out was the one that was alive.I think she enjoyed her new found freedom.

    So as of now we have 2 chicks, 2 PIPS, and 6 eggs remaining. Dont know as of now if any will make it through the night or any of the 6 will begin to hatch but I hope we wake up to at least the 2 that have made it so far. It will devastate the little man if we lose all of them.

    Just figured I would share our little story with the rest of you.

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