28 Eggs in the Bator - Day 5

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    So, my husband decided to buy me a LG still air plus turner. Right now, it is on the kitchen counter and I'm working on getting it where it needs to be.
    The instructions read 99.5 for the correct temp, but since it is a still air, I want 101.5, right?
    We've let our BO roo out with the girls for a few days, just to ensure fertility, but tomorrow I'm going to let the eggs set, and with Sundays eggs, and a constant temp, ( [​IMG] ), Monday will be Day 1.

    My thermometer only reads in whole degrees, so I should aim for 101.5 - 102 and about 45-50% humindity, correct?

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    Em, I have the exact set up as you and am on day 5 of incubation. 15 blue laced red wyandottes and 2 wheaten marans. I am using the "dry hatch" method and have my temp. at 101. You can get the thread of this method on byc. Good luck![​IMG]
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    Well, I couldn't help myself and candled a few when I went to turn this time. I candled 6, and at day 4, 5 of the 6 have nice viening and the other one I'm pretty sure has veining, but the shell was real spotty.

    So, 29 eggs in the bator, and 17 more days to go... [​IMG]

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    I went and candled tonight. I know, I know...I couldn't help myself. Here's a pic :
    My turner wouldn't turn, and when I returned it, there were no more in stock and no where else in town has one, so I'm hand turning. TSC said they would have one in yesterday, but they also have chicks, and I can't get anymore right now!!
    So, after candling, I have 25 with excellent veining, 1 that looked like a blood ring, 1 that I just couldn't tell (an EE egg, of course [​IMG] ), and one I'm pretty sure is not fertilized. I marked them and figure I'll leave them in until next candling.
    This morning, my 2 year old managed to open the dishwasher, stand on the door to reach the incubator on the counter, and get 1 egg out and crack the end, rupturing the air cell, so I'm down to 28. Of course, the one he cracked had excellent veining. [​IMG]
    So now I won't candle until day 12 or 13...
    I was just so excited, so was my husband...he said "watch them all be roosters." Then thought a minute and said, "that's not possible, right?" I just laughed. Now he's nervous. [​IMG]

    So, they can't ALL be roosters, right? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sure they can. LOL But the likely hood is you will get a girl or two in there [​IMG]

    Every hatch I have ever had the first chick out is ALWAYS a cockeral. I have never hatched a pullet first!

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