29th day Incubation (Pekin), internal pip but no sign of external. Please help.


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Jul 24, 2013
Hi all,

I put 5 eggs in my incubator on the 13th of March at about 1pm. It is now day 29, and all the eggs were fertile and after candling look like they have internally pipped. The temperature is set at 37.2, the humidity is 80%. When I tapped the air sack, 3 of them sounded like they were tapping back...almost a weird squelchy noise? I have only opened the incy to candle them as I was worried they were late on hatching.

Should I just leave them to do their thing? When is the right time to create an artificial external pip? My duck has really hard shells so I'm worried that could be a problem. This is my first time incubating, I've read so much on the internet and everything seemed to be fine until this last moment now I am just panicing that they are not going to make it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks :)
I have been reading about humidity. There are two measures - wet bulb and relative. Which are you using? That humidity may be too high.

Lacrystol, TLWR, charlindabob, yinepu, duckyfromoz and others are hatchers. Marty1876, I cannot recall everyone. At this point you may wish to PM someone.

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