2hens 4 pullets and no eggs for 1 week


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Can any one help me? Iv got 2 hens and for pullets and iv have not had any eggs for the last week. Im feeding them on mixed corn and layers pellets and plenty of fresh water all the time there are also plenty of nice nest boxs for them. The pullets was laying when i first got them. Im i doing any thing wrong or im i getting worried about nothing?
I checked and they are not hiding them anywhere, we dont have snakes here (uk) well not big ones,
Corn isn't a good feed; it doens't have the nutritional value that they need - the layer pellets do. Corn can be fed as a treat, but really shouldn't be considered part of their regular diet.

You should also consider that you may have one or more egg eaters. It's a nasty habit that is very difficult to break, but it CAN be done. when they eat eggs, you don't find much evidence....a wet spot in a nest box, or on the floor of the coop (they will eat shell and all). That would be my first guess since you are getting NO eggs. If you were getting a few, I wouldn't think egg eater.
I checked and they are not hiding them anywhere,

Are you saying they are penned up?
How long ago did you get the pullets?​
Iv had the pullets about 3 weeks, they was laying when i first got them then the eggs got less and less each day. I dont think that they are in malt no signs of it any way. The feed that i give them is a mixed corn it has all different corns, pees and layers pellets ect in it, i also mix in extra layers as well. Any more ideas?
There are so many things that make them slow down or stop. It could be parasites - have you checked for mites? They're sometimes very hard to see, but check near the base of the feathers, especially under wings and around the vent. If you see what appears to be a "buildup" of dirt around the base of their feathers, they are most likely infested. They can get them very easily from wild birds. If you do find them, dust with Seven dust (or a poultry dust). You can search on here for more info. on that.

They also slow down or stop when it's extremely hot/humid. I don't know where you are, so I can't speak to that.

HOw old are they?
Ivj just started to day treating them for worms, i will check tomorrow for mites and if they have any signs of mites i will give them a good dusting ! The pullets are about 23 weeks. I live in the uk last week i was very hot but this week its raining cats and dogs ( good old uk). I must say that i have noticed that one of the pullets has sneezed a few time but uf put that down to dust could this be some thing ?

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