2nd attempt at incubating, but 1st have questions!


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Mar 21, 2018
Hello All, Okay so I think I'm pretty prepared to start setting my chicken eggs tonight. I'm calibrating my hygrometer again, because my niece got curious and opened the container I had the hygrometer and salt in before it was time. It does have to be in the sealed container for 24 hrs correct? Some sites say 8hr, 12 hrs and 24! I also purchased the Brisnea spot check and a water wiggler, but the thermometer isn't arriving until Friday 3/30. I would love to set no later than tomorrow AM since 2 of 8 eggs will be older than 10 days today. I have a digital thermometer, but not sure how accurate it is since it has no probe to test with ice water. I have a still air Hova Bator with 2 red plugs up top and was told the temp has to be no higher than 102, should I aim for a lower temp until the spot check arrives?
Once the spot check does arrive, where do I place the water wiggler? And would the probe of the spot check be constantly inside the water wiggler and on? If not, how often do I check the temp and how fast does it read the correct temp? I am so nervous since my 1st batch failed, I think this is my last attempt until next season my hen hasn't laid anymore eggs for 5 days. :(

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