2nd chicken sick in a month symptoms are different

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    I have 3 plymouth rock chickens in a coop that I clean at least once a week, I clean their water bowls every day sometimes twice a day, and occasionally i let them out to play. A day ago i notices one of them acting lethargic with her wings hanging down, it was not because of heat this was late around 630pm and the other 2 where not doing that. Today she was acting the same not eating and walking funny as if she ware becoming paralyzed with one foot curled up almost like a fist, so i quarantined her, she is very light i didn't noticed until i picked her up, her feathers make her look big and healthy also her comb is nice and red. I noticed in her poop that she has worms, her poop is green and white and its somewhat solid, im treating all of them for worms with wazyne 17. what else should i do? Im planing on giving her yogurt starting tomorrow. Im concerned that I have something that might spread. My first chicken i lost because of a respiratory disease she was gasping for air stretching her neck and paralysis. please help!
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    this is a picture of her poop [​IMG]
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    I also want to add that I give them probiotics in their water.
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    If you have access to fresh pumpkins get them to eat the seeds. Pumpkin seeds will paralyze the parasites and they will pass through theri systems and help them immensely. If this isn't possible see if there's an avian vet in your area that you can call for assistance.
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    It appears there are tapeworm segments in the feces, if so, pumpkin seeds and wazine are ineffective. Wazine will only get rid of large roundworms. I recommend that you purchase Valbazen liquid cattle/sheep wormer to get rid of tapeworms and other types of worms your birds have. Follow this procedure as tapeworms are difficult to get rid of. Dosages for tapeworms are higher and require more dosing frequency when eliminating them.
    Withhold feed from all your birds for 24 hours, this will weaken worms making the valbazen more effective. Use a syringe without a needle to administer the wormer orally undiluted. Give each standard size bird 1cc valbazen orally, give smaller birds 1/2cc orally. On the third day after the initial worming, repeat withholding feed for 24 hours and repeat dosing them on the 4th day, same dosages. Repeat this procedure for a third and final time.
    There is one other way to get rid of tapeworms. Purchase Zimectrin Gold equine paste. Withhold feed for 24 hours. Give each bird a "pea" sized amount of the paste orally. Then on the 9th day, withhold feed for 24 hours. Dose them again with a "pea" sized amount of the paste the next day. For smaller birds, give them a small "pea" sized amount of the paste. Birds will wipe their beaks on the ground after dosing them with zimectrin gold, this is normal. There's a 14 day withdrawal period after the last dosing of either wormer.
    Both products are very safe and effective wormers, I've used them in dealing with tapeworms over the years.
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    What has UC Davis said about the one you took in last Friday?

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    I dint get a chance to call today but i will first thing in the morning tomorrow.
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    By smaller bird do you mean bantam or chicks? I have 3 almost 3 month old chicks that i would like to treat as well.
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    This is what the lab results concluded on my previous chicken that i assumed had a respiratory disease:

    Histologically, the tissues appear normal and do not identify any cause for the respiratory signs you identified clinically .
    Bacterial cultures were unrewarding. Serology identified Mycoplasma gallisepticum positivity, but this only suggest that the
    animal had been vaccinated or exposed. However, this Mycoplasma can cause respiratory and reproductive issues. The heavy
    metal screen, avian influenza ELISA, and additional serological testing is pending. Examination of the brain and peripheral
    nerves also failed to detect a cause of the paralysis you discuss. No evidence of Marek's disease was detected.
    09/04/2014 (Afternoon)
    The heavy metal screen identified slightly elevated but nontoxic selenium and zinc levels. AI testing was negative. All testing is
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    Well today I decided to cull her, whatever she had spread quick because its the 4th after treating her and she still looks very bad, Her paralysis was really advanced, i didn't want to see her suffer anymore. She was the oldest and biggest. I dont know whats going on with my flock. I still treating the other ones with valbazen and im keeping an eye on them for signs of sickness.

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