2nd Dog Attack on Chicken!

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    Apr 18, 2017
    This is the second time our neighbour's dog has attacked our chickens! The first time she left a small gash but the hen died a few weeks later, becoming weak and depressed looking near the end so it may have been from shock. This time, she left feather torn and ripped everywhere and a large, deep cut on her. Not sure what to do as we cannot afford to take her to the vet and they are unlikely to treat her anyway.[​IMG]

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    Sorry you haven't had an answer, and welcome to BYC.
    Chickens can recover from some pretty nasty wounds as long as they don't get infected.
    I would rinse the wound thoroughly with saline or chlorhexidine solution (both available at walmart). If there are any feathers getting in the wound then trim them back.
    Separate her and keep everything as clean as possible. It's hard to tell from the pictures where the wound actually is, but you may have to use towels rather than shavings for a while to keep it clean. You can also use veterycin wound and skin care spray (many feed stores carry). You can also use plain neosporin (without the painkiller).
    Keeping it clean is the most important thing. It's more likely that after the amount of time that had passed your first bird died from infection or something unrelated, rather than shock.
    Here is a link to a long story of a chicken that survived a pretty nasty attack and wound: http://richie-cunningham.com/2012/04/11/chicken-wound-healing-process/

    As for the dog.....
    It has succeeded twice, and will very likely be back to try again.
    Find out what the animal regulations are in your area. If you have a leash law, it's been violated. Many places have ordinances about dogs running loose, or attacking other animals. If you are rural, many have livestock protection ordinances, which allow you to take measures against any animal that attacks your livestock. Find out what applies where you live, and what your options are. A BB gun can be an effective non-lethal lesson. Depends on the dog, and you have to see it. Have you spoken to the owner?

    Regardless, you probably need to provide a more secure area for your chickens. I am very rural, and I can legally deal with predators, but that doesn't save an attacked chicken. My birds semi-free range, which means they have a large fenced pasture during the day. I have LOTS of loose and stray dogs, they cannot get in unless they dig under or climb over. My birds are secured in a completely enclosed run at night.
    I hope any of this helps and your bird recovers!

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