2nd Egg, different color....who's is it? is the question (pics)

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    Mar 6, 2012
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    Yay!! We got our 2nd egg ever today! So excited by all this! This morning I heard the "egg song" twice, went out to the coop to have a look-see, but no egg. Went to pick up kids (they had early release today) got back home, scoped out the coop and I spotted an egg! Still under the nesting boxes [​IMG] I let my daughter gather the egg this time......


    I was surprised by how "clean" it was! The first one was quite messy. We took the second egg in to clean it up a little. And put it in with our first egg. And WOWZERS! [​IMG] I couldn't believe the difference in the color of the eggs! Now I had originally thought that maybe either one of my NHRs or EEs laid the first egg (on 3/15), then today I get this darker colored egg. Do you think it is from the NHR?? The only other pullets I have besides the NHR and EE are WLH and Production Blacks and they both lay white eggs. So today's egg has got to be from the NHR, don't you think? Hmmm..... I'm a little confused?

    Thanks for any opinions [​IMG]

    Today's egg is on the right.

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