2nd hen?


Apr 6, 2012
Phelan, CA
I thought I only had one female but apparently I have two. Need help identifying who the other female is. Can anyone tell just be looking at the eggs? I tried vent sexing and I can't do it. Breast sexing im apparently having trouble there too. Im sooooo new to this.I have a tuxedo, goldens, browns and an italian.
well, other than vent sexing, there are 2 ways to find out which ones are hens (unless you are positive about one hen). The first way is to separate one quail from the rest in a quaratine cage. If you get an egg in the quarantine cage, then you've found your hen. I hatched 30 Texas A&Ms (which are only white) and as they grew, I put them into 4 cages. Then I sat nearby, and when one crowed, I reached in, pulled out the roo and put him into the "men only" cage. The dominant roo will stand up tall and stretch out when he crows. Males crow to asert their dominance over the rest, so it only took me 8 days to get them separated. And I have 22 hens separated into 4 cages, so until I had a total of 22 eggs a day, I suspected that some males were hiding amoung the hens.
Hope this helps.
Weirdness, you crack me up!!!

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