2nd Mink attack


7 Years
Aug 13, 2012
Well we went all summer without incident, until now. A mink got 7 of our young chickens that we just hatched the summer. And now today another mink came for our ducks. Injuries. You know what I'm talking about if you know mink. I was home alone, husband was at work. Horrified. Not so much for myself as for my poor little ducks.

Wasn't there a place somewhere around here on the forum for 'losses'. Really feeling it now, and could use the support.
I know how you feel. We went without incident the whole winter until 1 night we got back late to the farm. The next morning I found feathers all over the place. I suspected a saddle-back jackal as they are very common in this area. Just a week ago I lost the first ever chicks my leghorns (yes, a leghorn mommy) hatch. She was only 2 months old. Recently I started finding meerkats tunnels everywhere around the coop and some days would go by without so much as 1 egg. They probably preyed on my poor chick as well. So I have sympathy for your situation and know how you feel.
Thanks Micky. A couple of "if-only"s floating around here now. Husband and I are both pretty upset. We had one female and male mallard, and they had a brood of seven. They all grew up to be fine looking ducks. I hate that this happened and the thought that they were helpless. It's been over a year with poultry and this is the first time we've run into any problem. After getting the first mink, we thought we would be alright again. Not so.
Same problem here. This is a very rural, bushy area. Food are scares during the winter months and that's probably why they came scavanging around my coop. Both losses where hens - one only 2 months old. Very hearts-sore. In the meantime I'm loosing eggs as well and my new rooster is all cock-a-doodle-doo and no action. My previous rooster was a fantastic protected.
I know how you feel as well, we had a Mink attack that wiped out our whole layer flock about three years ago. Most, if not all chicken keepers have been through the same thing. It's so hard.
I'm so sorry for your losses.

Now, about the Mink. Are you taking any measures to prevent another issue? I find that a good dog works well.
We have 5 dogs, but they seem to enjoy chasing the chickens more than the meerkats, ha-ha. So they aren't much help. I'm hoping the spring will deter them as more food will become available to them. They've plundered our geese's nests several times as well. Now the geese have learned their lesson and never leave the nest unguarded.
The first attacks came soon after our rooster, Hitler, died - he was named so because he was one nasty piece of work, yet he was a wonderful flock protector. The new rooster, Titan, is all smoke and no flame. That might be part of the problem.
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