2nd New Batch of babies

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    Chicken math is taken over! In February I planned on getting a batch of 6 babies and left the feed store with 11. In my defense the store owner found out I was not a new chicken owner so she sent me home with 4 babies that had gotten cold during shipping and need some TLC, 2 of those didn't make it. Fast forward to this weekend...I went to purchase 6 more chicks ( was waiting on the shipment of Barnvelders and EE's) and guess what....yep I left with 10 chicks! 3 Standard cochins, 1 Salmon Favarolle, 2 Barnevelders,2 EE's, and 2 Mahogany Orphingtons. One of the Cochins and the Salmon Favarolle were once again chicks that needed some extra TLC, so far they seem to be doing fine! So my chicken math now totals 14 two years and older laying hens, 9 two month olds, and 10 three days old = 33 chickens! I know I was planning on sending 7 of the olders to freezer camp this summer, that'll take me to 26 total. I'm sure my big girl coop can handle that, but the run will need some expansion! Oh well.......here's some pics of the new babies!
    [​IMG] Salmon Favarolle , my special adoptee, I'm falling in love with her! She LOVES to be held
    [​IMG] Mahogany Orphingtons
    [​IMG] Standard Cochins , these little buggers have an amazing personality already. They were in the cage above the Barnvelders at the store and while I was waiting for the owner to get the Barnvelders out , these girls were making eye contact with me demanding that they were coming home with me! The one in the middle is the special girl that needed a little TLC. She seems to have come around beautifully (wondering if it wasn't an act so that she could get some attention LOL)

    [​IMG] Barnvelders[​IMG] Easter Eggers, already put them on notice! They're my third pair of EE"s and I really want BLUE EGGS this time. Who am I kidding.....my EE"s are my favorite girls no matter what color the eggs are!
    [​IMG] All ten of the new gang!

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    OK---watch out for that chicken Math----don't let it bother you---its OK---LOL. I remember those days-----I had 32 chickens and 3 chicken pens--in less than a year I had 67 pens, 27 different breeds, maxed out at 1232 chickens at one time but I was selling a lot each week because I also got into hatching heavy and hatched several 1000 that year alone-----so Really be careful---I would have never thought I would have allowed the Chicken math to get me to that point.
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